Hi zusammen,

wir haben unseren ECO Server auf die aktuelle Version geupdated.
Es ist nur ein kleines Update 🙂

Version released! Changelog
– Fixed annoying issue with resetting Store public access permissions after server restart
Backups Backups logic fixed and reworked to be more predictable. There are now following options (default value in brackets):
– MaxBackupsInLastHour (2)
– max number of backups for last hour (if backup frequency less than 1 hour)
– MaxHourlyBackups (24)
– hourly backup is a first backup in a hour, in average it is one backup in a hour
– MaxDailyBackups (3)
– daily backup is a first backup in a day, in average it is one backup in a day – MaxWeeklyBackups (10)
– weekly backup is a first backup in a week, in average it is one backup in a week at Monday With default settings it will keep hourly backups for last 24 hours, daily backups for last 3 days, weekly backups for last 10 weeks.

Default backup frequency changed to 0.5.
Also now your backup settings will not be rewritten by Steam, instead you have Backup.eco.template with default settings.

NOTICE: Steam may remove Backup.eco, because it was removed from distribution. It should be OK with next updates, but for first time Steam may behaves strange. So be sure to backup your Backup.eco if you want to keep it

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Euer F3UR10-Community Team