Hi zusammen,
unser ECO Server ist nun auf die Version 8.0.3 geupdated.
Folgend die Changelogs von 8.0.1 – 8.0.3

Auch die ersten Häuser entstehen und die Berufe werden aufgeteilt

Hot-fix released


  • Fixed contract payment issue (source user hadn’t access to escrow account, to get back his payment/deposit)
  • Fixed confused „zero“ tax string when transfering funds to special account
  • Fixed issue with vehicles and players sometimes become invisible.
  • Make Real Estate Desk working again!
  • Fix for the not working law taxes

MacOS & Linux clients included!

Hot-fix released


  • tweaking for view distance and chunk loading
  • fixed completed tutorials list layout
  • fixed „?“ as balance string in treasury
  • fixed DefaultWorld to one with valid Citizenship law
  • fixed dead-lock with steel (when pump was needed for steel and steel needed for pump)


  • graceful shutdown for Windows servers. If you close it (Alt+F4 or with close button) then it will try to save state (Windows will only provide 5-10 seconds for that) or you can configure your software
    to send Ctrl+C to console app and configure own timeout for shutdown.
  • added ping retries if for some reason ping was lost for first attempt


  • minor performance improvements

Hot-fix version released


  • vehicles crossing 0-coordinate should behave less obstinate
  • fixed some „Alice in Wonderland“ effects (world titled issue)
  • fixed problem with unfair deals when you get full price for part of sold/bought items if destination inventory has not enough space
  • fixed links to previous elections in Web UI
  • fixed starting New Game from clean Steam installation
  • fixed incorrect ping calculation
  • fixed crash while connecting pipes through zero point
  • fixed redefine District action to take into account existing Districts
  • fixed issue with large world generation and ore amounts – low sample size sometimes created inadequate amounts of ore in worlds 200×200 or larger

Performance improvements:

  • memory optimization (fixed regression for chunks memory consumption)


  • self-improvements experience slightly nerfed
  • minor changes in tech tree for pipes
  • the following objects now require flowing water supplied via plumbing: BlastFurnace, OilRefinery, Sink, Laboratory, Combustion Generator