Hi zusammen,

es gibt endlich RAVENHEARST 5 für die Alpha 17.1.
Sehr lange haben wir darauf gewartet, endlich wieder eine herrausforderung bei dem Kampf gegen die Zombies zu haben.

Vieles hat sich bei Ravenhearst 5 geändert 🙂 und wir starten diesmal auf der Difficulty Survivalist (4/5)
Hier der Link zu unserer Live-Map

Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim Überleben, auf dem neu gestarteten 7 Days to Die – Ravenhearst 5 Server

Wir empfehlen zum Installieren und wechseln zwischen den Verschiedenen Spiel Instanzen den 7D2D-Mod-launcher

Um unsere F3UR10-HQ.de Community Server zu finden einfach nach „f3“ suchen 🙂

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Euer F3UR10-Community Team

Folgend eine grobe Übersicht, was Ravenhearst 5 auszeichnet (Originalbeitrag aus dem Forum).

Quality Control

Quality has been returned to 7 Days to Die thanks to @wOOkie nOOkie and his coding genius. Each tool and weapon now has a quality level. 1,120. Each 20th level is considered next tier and every single item has had stats attached to them so that finding new weapons and tools is no longer a boring process. Loot is exciting again! Find level 72 pickaxe, but know there are better out there. This will promote levelling as well as scavenging. And traders recognize these values too! 

Horde Incoming

14 Day Hordes are back, and you will need that time to prepare. Horde nights no longer end at 1am they will continue on into the morning. Gamestage adjustments will ensure that hordes remain fair and will increase in accordance with your progress over the 14 day time period.

This World Looks Different

Complete POI Overhaul on all Magoli POIs courtesy of @Makabriel @sinder and @WiZCoke . Fixed blocks, painting completion and Sleeper overhaul so the buildings feel more like 17 and less like 16. @sinder went the extra mile and imported several vanilla 16 houses and redid them from the ground up, adding new decorations, painting them and filling them with nasty surprises. 

There is GOLD in Them Hills

Completely reworked RWGMixer thanks to @Makabriel rebuilt from the ground up. Wasteland is gone, burnt forest is now sprinkled throughout the world and all biomes are more naturally transitioned. Lakes and rivers are balanced and can be found in the world and a NEW biome has been added, the Plains which is devoid of any trees and is a lush grassland. Roads have been worked on so they have less drastic dips. A MUCH more pleasant experience than vanilla.

Better Watch That Weapon Boy

Along with Quality returning we have Degradation returning as well! Thanks to @wOOkie nOOkie your weapon and tool will now degrade by 10 Quality Levels each time you repair it at the start. Wookie has also implemented a Red Box that will show around your tool when it hits 20 percent durability so that you will have a visual aid. 

Weapons will keep losing quality down to a minimum of 10 quality at which point you now need to be super careful with the durability…. Once a tool or weapon hits lvl 10 AND zero durability it will then break and be gone forever! So keep an eye on your low level items and be sure to repair them before they run out of durability. On top of this we’ve taken care of any mods that are in your item or weapon. If when repairing a weapon the quality reduction results in a lose of a mod slot any mod in that lost slot will be placed in the players inventory. Be careful to have a spare slot though as a full bag and inventory will result in the mod falling on the floor!

So how do you salvage this? By levelling Construction Tools. Each 10th level of Construction Tools reduces that number by 1. So level 11 in Const Tools you will lose 9 Durability and so on. A true progression system. So, how do you level Construction Tools?‘

Actions Speak Louder than Perks

Action Skills have returned. Along with Quality you will receive a slight bonus in stats every time you level an Action Skill. This is Learn by Doing. Use axes and picks to level Construction, Bows to level Archery, Blades to level…. well Blades. Every level earned grants you a small bonus in damage so you will feel the items you use growing stronger with you. You can keep track of your Action Skills progress on the skills screen.

You Have Some Red On Ya

No not the buff from 4 lol But ZOMBIES! Zombies now come in Tiers. 1-5. More may be added as we go forward but for now Tier 1 are vanilla type zombies. Tier 2 are stronger and look and sound different from the others. Tier 3 are almost feral like and dangerous! They also look and sound different. Tier 4 and 5 are considered Radiated but the Radiated buff has been reworked a bit so it’s not as spongey. These later tier zeds only come on horde nights. But tiers 1-3 can occur at any time in the wild, although 3 is MUCH rarer.

Oh yeah have i mentioned no more radiateds in pois? These have been replaced with strong ferals. Trolling only works on the internet not in POIs.

Shhh they will hear you…

Wandering Hordes as you know them have changed. Thanks to @wOOkie nOOkie we now have GAMESTAGED WH until GS 1000 and beyond. That’s right. Like Blood Moons Wandering Hordes now take into account your actual gamestage. I have added multiple new waves of appropriate WH groups so ferals wont be appearing until after GS 50 WH and so on.

This will allow us to KEEP WH dangerous even into late game as we can adjust up in gamestage what type of WH you get. Also be careful. We have heard rumors of some strange occurrences during these hordes….

This Place Feels Brand New

We are releasing 3 versions of this mod for everyone. The first is normal Vanilla with normal textures. The second is using Dust2Deaths 2K HD Texture Pack which drops down the quality of in game textures a bit but introduces beautiful terrain and trees and runs a LOT better than vanilla. The third is Dust2Deaths 4K HD Texture Pack Version which includes the high res edition for those with beefy machines and want to experience the beauty of his pack inside Ravenhearst.

All packs have been tweaked to work inside of our mod including seed recipes and biome tweaking. For more information on what Dusts HD pack is or to see if your system can handle it check here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth…ng-Environment

Vehicles Everywhere

We have reworked how vehicles are made completely. You will need to find engine parts, sirens, exhausts and more from harvesting vehicles with the crowbar. There is now an Auto Workbench found in Gas Station POIs (they may or may not work) and those are used to construct parts.

We have included all the vehicles you have seen around the internet like Guppycurs Police Car and Ambulance, as well as Box Trucks, Military vehicles and Dusts Bus and Monster Truck. All of these vehicles have their own unique assemblies and parts and are locked behind schematics you must find in the world.

Barnes and Noble? Where!

That’s right. Books are back, albeit in a limited form for this version. Instead of perks most things are now locked behind them and you have to find them. They scrap into KP which also returns. Additional classes are made from KP. There is also a set of limited edition novels you can find in the world made by @sinder that scraps into a stack of paper for you to use.

Survivor Stories

Developed by Makabriel, Ravenhearst 5.0 introduces a new Journal questline. Intended to be an interactive story of your life in the apocalypse, in this release we have the beginnings of the system that will have you creating chapters in your journal. Each chapter relates to a different aspect of the game from classes, survival skills, secondary skills and construction. But be careful what you write in your journal. You only have so much ink in your pen, and so many chapter pages.

In the future, the journal will be your insight to the world of Ravenhearst. What happened to you? What started the zombie plague? Who are these new NPCs?

Complex Crafting

Ravenhearst has always been about more realistic crafting and v5 is no exception. In this edition you are given a Personal Workbench at the start. This is your hub for all things crafting. The backpack has very limited recipes, just the absolute basics. You will need to carry this table with you. It can be picked up easily by destroying it. 

Along with the bench, there are multiple stations that you remember from RH as well as complex recipes such as tool heads for crafting tools, molds for forge crafting and vehicle parts. More will be added as we progress ahead.

Decorations All Year Round 

From RH favorites to all new items to modlets created by the community there is no shortage of things to decorate your base with. Cleans sets of furniture, tvs, holiday items, playable radios and record players, a working Theater Screen and video player, posters, flags, paintings and so much more with even more intended to be added we are looking to become the ultimate builders mod as well as the ultimate survival mod.

Going forward we plan to release holiday themed content as well.

You Wanted SP you GOT SP

Thanks to @wOOkie nOOkie you will now gain 5 Skill Points every 10 levels as a boost to your perks. You can use these points just like any other and they are automatically added. So every 10 levels you have something to look forward to!


Two new items found in RH are the alarm clock and the glowstick. Glowsticks come in a few colors and are loot only. They provide a ring of light around you and can be used up to 1m away from a zombie. Alarm clocks are also found and like a bomb have a „detonation“ time when held in hand. Throw the alarm clock down a street or in a house and when the clock rings (5 second fuse time) the zombies in the immediate area will wander to it to check on it. Be careful though, when it stops ringing the zombies will wander away!