Hi zusammen,
wir haben für euch unsere beiden 7 Days to Die – A17 Vanilla Server |Warrior & Insane| auf die aktuellste Version A17 B233 geupdated.

Das Changelog findet ihr -> hier <-

A17 b233- changelog


  • Increased zombie Jog and Run speeds slightly
  • Biomes now generated by xml settings again
  • Repair kits are crafted with mechanical parts instead of forged iron
  • Players use up less food
  • The blunderbuss is easier to craft
  • Anvils cost more than a single tool to make
  • Bullet casings & lead tips require a tool and die set in the forge to craft. They are unlocked with tier 1 of science
  • Tool and die sets are a little more common at traders
  • Localization of tool and die set to indicate it is used to craft munitions
  • Models atlas has a higher streaming priority, hopefully will not render blurry so often
  • Increased several material XP values


  • AI paths going around low edge blockers that could be walked over
  • Other players disappear when looking up
  • Red tea does not apply its buff
  • Vehicle key bindings do not save after game exit/restart
  • NRE on trying to bind mousewheel on any UI control
  • RWG floating poi issues
  • RWG floating/half floating POIs
  • POI’s are floating or partially floating in RWG and unstable
  • Downtown POIs not spawning
  • Position of trader changes when declining quest offers
  • Not able to start building in prefab manager
  • Quality items bought from the trader have missing or inconsistent mod slots
  • Health is random value on respawn
  • Sometimes you die on the dedi and get a forced respawn only to die again
  • Zombies continue to attack when stunned (ResetAnimations)
  • Crawlers and spiders standing after ragdoll ends

Known Issues:

  • NRE when ragdoll is triggered (by force or sometimes when hit by vehicle as host (restart game to fix the issue)
  • Your game settings have been reset!
  • In some scenarios double swing may still occur
  • Tool damage localization is different than actual value
  • Trader Jen has a deep voice
  • No lights on vehicles
  • Repair material not refunded when repair was canceled
  • Ammo count of nail gun goes broke, when equipped with full auto receiver
  • Trader Rekt is nicer than usual
  • Some achievements can not be obtained at the moment
  • Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not
  • Scrapping items in crafting queue while re-logging may go lost
  • Re-logging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative side effects
  • Crafting speed bonus does not properly apply to workstations
  • Clipping into blocks to see through terrain
  • Vultures play their fly animation when dead for clients
  • Shotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a while
  • Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed
  • Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater
  • Clothing items should be removed and swapped out manually or risk deleting them
  • Hitting ESC while generating a map preview will blank screen. Must use CTRL, ALT, DEL to exit game.
  • RWG preview tool localization
  • Firearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom)
  • Mining helmet light doesn’t show for other players
  • Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as Host
  • Hatches don’t always open on the first try
  • Player model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventory
  • Turrets will not target self when set to do so
  • LCB icon is still shown when LCB has been destroyed by another player
  • All LMB clicks count as changing vehicle steering controls after dismounting a vehicle
  • Player can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff
  • Flames don’t move with zombie ragdolls
  • Resolution does not always save when >1080p options are available
  • Old game saves are corrupting recipes.xml in updated builds
  • Burning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbelt
  • Collapsed building sleepers will respawn in the air when a player reloads chunk
  • Some rare cases of floating POIs in RWG
  • RWG may have dirt filled lakes/rivers
  • Crashes on Mac

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Euer F3UR10-HQ Community Team